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Range of ADA Issues With Which We Have Provided Guidance

I thought it would be helpful to share some information about the range of issues we have addressed for clients. Website Accessibility: We have reviewed websites of small and large businesses, addressing their compliance with the ADA and WCAG. We have provided manual testing and automated testing, as well as expert testimony, in collaboration with…
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Inns and Hotels – Current Onslaught Of Lawsuits

I have recently been contacted by a number of hotels and bed and breakfasts about lawsuits concerning accessibility of their properties, and lawsuits concerning a failure to adequately describe accessible features of their property on their websites. This litigation raises two concerns – is the property in compliance with the ADA’s requirements concerning architectural barriers,…
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Must a Pool Lift Be Out When the Pool Is Open?

Yes, according to the Justice Department. DOJ: “Accessible pool features must be maintained in operable, working condition so that persons with disabilities have access to the pool whenever the pool is open to others. For example, a portable pool lift may be stored when the pool is closed but it must be at poolside and…
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Disabled, Black and Searching for Justice

Article in NBC News written July 3rd, 2020, regarding disabled persons’ rights during police encounters included an interview with ADA Expertise Consulting CEO Marc Dubin, Esq. “I’m horrified by the amount of sheer luck needed to stay alive”: Black and disabled Americans call for awareness of their unique risks in police interactions. “Under the 1990…
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A Quiz About Crime Victims With Disabilities

See‐21‐07_jointstatement_crime.pdf 1.  Children with a reported disability are ______ percent more likely to be victims of maltreatment than children with no reported disability. a) Close to 5%    b) Close to 25% c) Close to 70%     d) Close to 90% 2. Women with developmental disabilities are at a _______ greater risk of sexual…
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New designation for autism, hearing loss will keep people safer during police stops in Michigan, advocate says

Excerpt from an article written by the Lansing State Journal in Michigan on June 24th, 2020. Michigan residents with autism or hearing loss can get a special designation on licenses or identification cards advocates say will help keep them safe during encounters with police. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed a package of bills Tuesday creating a “communication impediment” designation…
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