ADA Expertise Consulting, LLC was founded by Marc Dubin, a former Justice Department attorney who was responsible for nationwide enforcement of the ADA and Section 504 for over a decade on behalf of the United States.

We work in collaboration with other experts to assist businesses and state and local governments understand their obligations and come into compliance with the law.

Our affiliated experts include internationally recognized experts in PDF accessibility, web accessibility, and other digital issues.

Assessing the Accessibility of Your Website

Marc Dubin, Esq.

We try to be an early warning system, providing you with the legal and architectural guidance you need to comply. All of our work is strictly confidential. We serve your interests, and will not share our information with anyone else.

We are your one stop shop for ADA consulting services. We also provide expert witness testimony in federal court.

Marc Dubin, Esq.
Founder, ADA Expertise Consulting, LLC

Marc graduated from law school in 1981, and entered the Justice Department's Honors Program. He then served as a prosecutor for a decade, and then returned to the Justice Department in 1992, the year the ADA took effect. Marc was one of the first attorneys hired by the Justice Department to enforce the ADA, andwas responsible for many of the Justice Department’s major investigations and cases. He has expertise in all aspects of the ADA and Section 504, and is a widely sought after trainer and speaker. He learned the ADA by helping the federal government enforce the ADA. He also testifies as an expert in the ADA in federal court nationwide.

Our goal is to help businesses and state and local governments achieve compliance through education, and to help our clients avoid litigation and federal investigations. In the event you are engaged in litigation, we can help.

We provide expert guidance in the ADA and Section 504, to assist our clients, their attorneys, and their architects. We also assist state and local governments with litigation and development and updates of Self-Evaluation Plans and Transition Plans under title II of the ADA, and train ADA Coordinators so that they can better understand and comply with the law.

In addition, we provide businesses with an understanding of their obligations, and collaborate with other experts. We provide assessments of websites and video broadcasts to help them be accessible to visitors with disabilities, including assessing whether the website is coded correctly to make it accessible, and to assess whether the PDFs on the website are accessible.

We also provide training and support to building code officials and business owners, to help them better understand the application of the ADA to the businesses they regulate. The ADA is a federal civil rights law, not a building code, and many businesses find, too late, that receiving a local building permit does not mean that they are in compliance with the ADA. We can help.

Background of Marc Dubin, Esq.:

Marc Dubin served as a Senior Trial Attorney at the U.S. Department of Justice, in the Disability Rights Section of the Civil Rights Division. In that capacity, he was responsible for nationwide enforcement of the ADA and of Section 504, on behalf of the United States. Responsibilities included litigation, public speaking, development of technical assistance, nationwide investigations, and settlement negotiations.

He was responsible for many precedent-setting investigations, including matters involving restaurants, hotels, movie theaters, taxicabs, service dog policy, sign language interpreter requirements, and services to the blind community, among others.

As one of the Senior members of the Disability Rights Section of the Civil Rights Division at the Justice Department, Marc was also responsible for assisting with development of technical assistance, and with educating consumers, businesses, and state and local governments about the ADA, Section 504, and the Fair Housing Act, nationwide. He was a frequent speaker and trainer for businesses, law firms, law enforcement agencies, and various other components of state and local governments.

As a former prosecutor, and as former Special Counsel to the Justice Department's Office on Violence Against Women, Marc also trained prosecutors, police departments, domestic violence shelters, rape treatment centers, and victim service programs across the country about the application of the ADA and Section 504.

In addition, he reviewed and evaluated Self-Evaluation Plans and Transition Plans, and trained lawyers, architects, and building code officials about the ADA, Section 504, and federal enforcement. Marc and his team can provide you with the information and resources you need to understand what you need to know, and help you increase your ability to serve the disability community.