ADA Lawsuit Assistance

 We Can Help You With Your Lawsuit

Are you a law firm with an ADA case, and need some help? We assist you in getting a better understanding of what the ADA mandates, and can help you with architectural issues, web accessibility issues, service animal policy and training of staff, requirements concerning sign language interpreters and CART, and train your about the ADA. We can conduct a site visit, with our experienced architects,  and give you a detailed report and understanding of the mandates of the ADA.

Are you a hotel or other place of lodging? We can assist you in understanding your obligations concerning reservation requirements and architectural requirements. Are you aware that the ADA does not have a grandfather clause? We can help you understand what you need to do to comply with the ADA. All businesses are covered, regardless of how old they are, and regardless of how many employees they have.

We also assist in developing and responding to discovery requests, help you develop interrogatories and other discovery , and can help you negotiate a settlement, or review and advise you about the settlement you are considering signing.

Simply put, we can enhance your ability to understand and resolve the issues you are seeking to address. We assist plaintiffs and defendants, nationwide, and provide expert witness testimony in federal court.

Contact Us. Let us put our decades of experience to work for you.