Inns and Hotels – Current Onslaught Of Lawsuits

I have recently been contacted by a number of hotels and bed and breakfasts about lawsuits concerning accessibility of their properties, and lawsuits concerning a failure to adequately describe accessible features of their property on their websites. This litigation raises two concerns – is the property in compliance with the ADA’s requirements concerning architectural barriers, and does a customer with a disability have enough information conveyed to them to make a reasonable determination of whether the property meets their accessibility needs.

I recommend that we evaluate the property to determine whether there are ADA violations concerning architectural barriers, and then used that report to put the proper language on the website.

Barrier removal is an ongoing obligation, and the requirements under the ADA differ depending on whether the property is new construction, renovated (altered), or an existing property. There is no grandfather clause in the ADA – all properties are covered.

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