ADA experts say shoppers with disabilities are required to wear a mask

Excerpt from an article from on May 22, 2020

The Albertsons in Palm Desert requires face coverings inside the store, but staff members say the rules aren’t preventing customers from tying to enter the stores without one….

Several viral videos show shoppers claiming masks go against their constitutional rights, as well as the Americans with Disabilities act….

But ADA experts say the act doesn’t protect those shoppers.

“All of these people who are asserting that they have a disability, and even those with a disability saying you have to let me in or it’s a violation of the ADA, have it exactly backwards,” said Marc Dubin, the CEO of ADA Expertise Consulting. “What they really are facing is we have a lawful right to exclude you.”

Dubin also points to the ADA’s title 3 regulation, where a threat to the public’s health overrules accommodating someone with a disability.

“The business does not have to put other customers or employees at risk by letting someone in who has a contagious disease,” said Dubin.

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