ADA Drive-By Lawsuits

ADA Drive-By Lawsuits -- We Can Help You Address the Problem

Increasingly, businesses are finding themselves the subjects of ADA lawsuits, and paying out large sums of money not only to fix problems, but also to pay the cost of the litigation. Often, the litigation does not prevent the business from being sued again, for other ADA violations that were not addressed in the litigation. And, far too often, very little gets fixed.

Understandably, businesses feel that they are the victims of extortion, and become resentful of members of the disability community who seek to have access problems addressed..

At ADA Expertise Consulting LLC, we try to help businesses understand what the ADA requires, and what needs to be done to minimize the risk of ADA litigation. We have decades of experience working with all aspects of the ADA, enforcing it, and educating about it. Our Director, Marc Dubin, while working at the Justice Department, worked with businesses across the country to assist them in understanding what the law required, and how to avoid drive-by lawsuits. He understands the perspective of the business community, and the perspective of the disability community.

We provide a wide range of comprehensive services, including architectural assessments and guidance, development of service dog policies, education about requirements concerning sign language interpreters, website accessibility, and other services to enhance compliance with the ADA.

If your business has been sued, or you fear you will be sued and want our help, please contact us. We can help.