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Listserv subscribers receive information they can use to better understand the ADA and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as well as the Fair Housing Act, postings moderated by Marc Dubin, Esq., a former Senior Trial Attorney with the Justice Department.

In addition, subscribers will receive opportunities to participate in online discussions with experts from all over the United States and will be able to ask questions of these experts.

If you are interested in subscribing, or want more information, contact Marc at 305 896 3000 (direct), or by email at MDubin@ADAexpertise.com.

We also provide a wide range of specialized services:
- Trainings in all aspects of the ADA and Section 504 to businesses and state and local governments, including health care providers and law enforcement.

- Website accessibility assessments and assessments of the accessibility of PDFs on websites Assessing the Accessibility of Your Website. This is an increasing area of ADA litigation, and we can help you develop an ADA Accessibility Statement as well as help you determine how to improve the accessibility of your website.

- Confidential training and workshops, including, but not limited to:
- What businesses need to know about welcoming service animals - what you can and cannot ask and how to avoid liability.
- What businesses need to know about emotional support animals, and how to distinguish them from service animals.
- What does your business need to know about complying with the swimming pool and spa requirements of the ADA?
- What do existing businesses need to do to comply with the ADA, even if they have not engaged in alterations?
- The difference between the ADA’s requirements and state building code requirements.
- What hotels need to know about the new requirements concerning your reservation system and information about accessible features, including what you need to put on your website.
- What health care providers and other businesses need to know about sign language interpreter services - when is one required, and who pays?
- What law enforcement needs to know when responding to a call involving a person with a disability - when is a sign language interpreter required? What about transporting a person who uses a wheelchair or who has a service dog?
- What domestic violence shelters need to know about the ADA and the Fair Housing Act. How to serve people with disabilities, including those with a service dog or emotional support animal.

- In-depth assessments of services, programs, and facilities

- Assessment, development, and updating of Self-Evaluation Plans and Transition Plans

- Training of architects, lawyers, health care providers, law enforcement, ADA Coordinators, state and local officials, building code officials, and others about the requirements of the ADA and Section 504

- Expert witness testimony

- Trainings on the application of the ADA and Section 504 to emergency management and sheltering services. Reviews of disaster plans and services to the disability community

- Trainings to law enforcement, rape treatment programs, homeless shelters, and domestic violence programs and shelters about the application of the ADA and Section 504

- Trainings to health care providers and development of policy

- We also provide support to clients to help them in avoiding or responding to complaints, lawsuits, or government investigations. Even if you already have an attorney or architect assisting you, turn to ADA Expertise Consulting, LLC for our experience, assistance and guidance.