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"I have worked for more than 25 years with Marc Dubin, Esq. - CEO of ADA Expertise Consulting, LLC. He is a former Senior Trial Attorney with the United States Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, Disability Rights Section and in that capacity he was on the litigation teams that retained me as an expert witness for ADA facility compliance cases. He is very knowledgeable about ADA compliance issues and ADA regulations which were at the heart of his enforcement responsibilities at DOJ. Marc is one of a handful of former DOJ attorneys who have transitioned well into the arena of ADA consulting. Marc offers the lessons learned from his unique ADA enforcement experience to clients who want to work to minimize ADA liability and exposure to litigation. Another resource at Marc’s command is his network of unique ADA professionals who can aid his clients in the variety of specialized areas of accessibility compliance that few can offer. I recommend Marc Dubin, Esq. to anyone seeking to understand and comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act."
Bill Hecker, AIA - Accessibility Consultant
Hecker Design, LLC

Patrice Rey, ADA Coordinator, City of Miami:
"I came to know Marc Dubin several years ago. He first contacted me regarding an individual with a hearing impairment whom it was alleged was arrested by a police officer and was not provided with a sign language interpreter. He brought together various local police agencies to discuss police interaction with the individuals with hearing impairments and other disabilities. I believe this was a “first” in this community. From that meeting and subsequent further investigation into this matter, a new SOP was developed and officers must abide by those provisions. Recommended police interactions with disabled members of the community are now part of the police academy curriculum.

Mr. Dubin’s extensive experience and knowledge of the ADA ... continues to be a tremendous asset to ...ADA Coordinators, like myself, who ... freely reach out to him for guidance on policy matters.

The entire community here in South Florida, and I would venture to say that the country, as a whole, benefit..."

Betty Siegel, Director of Accessibility, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington, D.C.:
“I worked with Marc in resolving a complaint against a local arts organization concerning accessibility. I found Marc to be thoroughly professional, an expert on the ADA, and a fine example of what an attorney advocating for his client can accomplish.”

Kelly Greene, former Executive Director, CILSF:
“I am the founder of the Center for Independent Living of South Florida, and served as its Executive Director for 20 years. Marc created my Systems Advocacy Program and ran it for a decade. Marc is an incredible attorney, and an expert in the ADA. He is excellent at spotting ADA issues, and providing access to the technical assistance from the Justice Department one needs to know to address the violations.
He provided top-notch trainings to consumers, businesses, and state and local government officials, identified ADA violations that other attorneys missed, and brought about compliance without the need to resort to litigation. He is a dynamic, engaging speaker and trainer, with a national reputation for excellence. His commitment to the disability community and to serving crime victims is unsurpassed.
He enhanced the way the people with disabilities received services in emergency shelters, domestic violence shelters, and homeless shelters, and trained police departments and ADA Coordinators about how to improve services to people with disabilities. He created a Systems Advocacy Program that was a model for programs across the country. I recommend him as an ADA consultant without hesitation.”

Joe Kocy, formerly the Broward County Administrator's Special Assistant for Housing:
"Marc’s style of negotiation is excellent. He offers concerns and information about possible violations of the law, time and time again, challenging one to improve services to people with disabilities and providing the tools and contacts to do so.... I have found him to be thoroughly professional, well-informed, very well-connected, and an asset to my efforts to enhance services to the disability community. He has provided me with a library of information on the technical details to abide/comply with the law. The information he provided educated me on why compliance was easy and the right thing to do (not only necessary).”

Laura George:
"Mr. Dubin is an ethical and detail oriented legal consultant when it comes to aiding people with disabilities. He comes to all meetings with a thorough understanding of the topic to be discussed and participates fully, bringing about complete understandings of the ADA and other disability laws. His attention to the details of the laws and their interpretations along with the players who work with them are impressive."

Cheryl Guidry Tyiska, Deputy Director, National Organization for Victim Assistance:
“We have worked with Marc for years, and rely on him as a national expert in crime victims with disabilities and in the ADA."

Steve Eidelman, Former Executive Director, ARC of the United States:
“I have had the pleasure of working with Marc for over a decade, and I commend him for his longstanding commitment to the rights of people with developmental disabilities. He has exhibited a passion for advocating for the rights of people with developmental disabilities."