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Is Your Website Accessible? Do You Risk Liability? Don’t Wait For a Lawsuit – Be Proactive, and Let ADA Expertise Consulting, LLC Help You

When the ADA was passed, in 1990, customers had to enter a store to buy something. Today, of course, customers use the Internet to shop, and to learn about the programs, services, and activities of state and local governments. Even when a customer with a disability encounters a barrier when entering a business or government building, they can often still find what they need on the web. But what if the website poses problems? What if a customer who is blind uses a screen reader, and the website has PDFs which are not accessible? What if information is inaccessible because of the way the website was coded?

Do you know if your website is in compliance with the federal Section 508 Standards and the Web Content Accessibility Standards (WCAG) 2.0 A/AA – the two most popular web accessibility standards? Failing to consider the accessibility features of your website could lose customers, lead to litigation or federal enforcement, damage your reputation, and result in considerable financial costs.

Just ask Target Corporation, which paid $6 million in damages to the National Federation of the Blind because their website was inaccessible to people with vision disabilities. Private plaintiffs aren't the only ones enforcing the law – the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division has successfully sued dozens of state and local governments and private businesses for having inaccessible websites. These are risks that no business, and no state or local government, should have to face, especially when it is relatively easy to avoid them.

ADA Expertise Consulting, LLC , founded by former Justice Department attorney Marc Dubin, can help you identify problems with your website, and help you fix them. We can help you identify your priorities, and help you address the problems.

We partner with other ADA experts, including Adam Spencer and former Justice Department attorney Ken Nakata, internationally recognized experts in PDF accessibility, web accessibility, and other digital issues.

Inaccessible PDFs:

Adam Spencer, with whom ADA Expertise Consulting collaborates, serves as the Head of Document Accessibility Services at Accessibili-IT, a private PDF assessment company based in Ontario, and serves as the Vice-Chair of the Canadian Standards Council on PDF and PDF Accessibility. He also serves as a technical contributor to the International Standards Organization (ISO), representing Canada, assisting in establishing international standards for PDFs.

Adam is fully conversant with all relevant legislation including Section 508 and the ADA. He also has expertise in the latest in technical standards, including ISO 32000-1 and ISO 14289-1 (PDF/UA), as well as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0).

He and his team are active technical contributors to the ISO 32000 and ISO 14289-1 PDF/UA standards committees and Adam is Vice-Chair of the Standards Council of Canada for PDF and PDF Accessibility. They ensure all of their solutions comply with the latest international legislation and standards.

Even if you have had a previous assessment of your website, you should consider having it reviewed by ADA Expertise Consulting, LLC. Accessibil-IT has developed efficiencies and proprietary techniques that exceed those available in Microsoft Office, Adobe InDesign or Adobe Acrobat. Accessibil-IT reviews each document throughout its remediation process to ensure conformance with WCAG 2.0 AA, the guidance referred to in the AODA Information and Communications Standard, and ISO 14289-1 PDF/UA, guidelines specific to PDF accessibility and uses an automated testing tool together with manual review to ensure each document is compliant.

ADA Expertise Consulting, LLC, in collaboration with Accessibil-IT, will work with your IT staff or web developer to identify inaccessible PDFs, and assist you in addressing the problems identified. Accessibil-IT is the only PDF service provider who has fully implemented PDF/UA, and therefore will comply with all PDF/UA and WCAG 2.0 Level AA success criteria in multiple languages which meet or exceed all requirements detailed under the ADA. This will ensure the templates meet all relevant standards going forward.

The process used also includes testing on multiple types and versions of screen readers including JAWS and NVDA, to ensure accuracy, barrier free navigability, and backwards compatibility, and most importantly to us and your end users, the ease of access to all content, the way you and your authors intended. Adam and his team are viewed as the leader in PDF accessibility services by their clients, the industry and end users due to their technical capabilities, fair pricing, exceptional service and their focus on the achieving the best possible end-user experience. All PDFs made accessible by Adam and his team maintain the same layout – the physical appearance of the document is not altered. Changes to the documents are limited to code structure and metadata required to satisfy accessibility requirements.

Accessibil-IT employs and engages people with vision loss for input on the challenges they encounter with varying content and document formats to ensure they are aware of their challenges and address those challenges in their solutions.

Inaccessible Coding

Inaccessible PDFs are often only part of the problem. Often, developers fail to code the site properly, and fail to put the proper tags on websites, rendering portions of the websites inaccessible to screen readers. This results in users who are blind missing parts of your website. ADA Expertise Consulting can also assist you with this problem, through our affiliation with former Justice Department Attorney Ken Nakata.

Nakata worked for twelve years as a Senior Trial Attorney with the U.S. Department of Justice. He has argued on behalf of the United States government many times before the federal courts and has helped shape the government’s policies for the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. Nakata also worked as Director of Accessibility and Government Compliance at BayFirst Solutions, a Washington, DC consulting firm.

In 2000, Attorney General Janet Reno presented Nakata with the Attorney General’s Award for Excellence in Information Technology. In addition to practicing law, Nakata is active in software and web-based technologies, including Java, JavaScript, SQL, and ColdFusion. In July 2001, he was certified by Sun Microsystems as a programmer for the Java 2 Platform. Nakata is a frequent speaker on both law and technology and is equally adept at conducting one-on-one workshops with programmers and developers as well as explaining law and policy to large audiences. He holds a Bachelors of Art degree in mathematics from John Hopkins University and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Pennsylvania Law School, and is admitted to the bars of New York, the District of Columbia, Pennsylvania and Washington.

The process we use to evaluate a website is straightforward, and designed to assess compliance with the federal Section 508 Standards and the Web Content Accessibility Standards (WCAG) 2.0 A/AA – the two most popular web accessibility standards.

Your developers spend about an hour leading us through a demonstration of the key functionality of your website, using a web-based conferencing tool (e.g., Go To Meeting) while we record the session. This gives us an approximation of the number of steps to be tested and forms the basis for our quote.

Once you approve the quote, we will then review those steps, using assistive technology and automated testing tools, and provide you with a confidential written report of all the errors found, and walk you and your team through our findings. This gives your developers actionable data they can use to make your website fully accessible.

The cost of this service is surprisingly affordable, given the scope of the review, and depends on the number of pages on your website. Contact us for pricing.

Other Digital Issues We Can Address:
Is your organization thinking about deploying a mobile app to make it easier to engage with your customers or constituents? Do you use digital kiosks at your facilities to help customers or constituents obtain information or services? We can help you to assess the accessibility of these services.

Absent a proper assessment, individuals with disabilities may have difficulty accessing the mobile apps and digital kiosks, and you may have legal liability. Our team has the expertise to help you. We perform evaluations of each of these technologies, and can recommend ways to address the problems.

For further information, or to schedule a consultation, contact Marc Dubin, Esq., Director, ADA Expertise Consulting, LLC, at 305-896-3000 or at mdubin@ADAexpertise.com.

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