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Welcome to ADA Expertise Consulting, LLC

ADA Expertise Consulting, LLC provides nationwide consulting services designed to enhance the ability of businesses and state and local governments to learn about the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act and related laws, and offers a wide range of services to help you come into compliance.

Founded by Marc Dubin, Esq. who was responsible for nationwide enforcement of the law on behalf of the United States for over a decade, as a Senior Trial Attorney for the Civil Rights Division at the Justice Department,we draw on our expertise in the ADA, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Fair Housing Act, as well as on collaborative relationships with a nationwide network of experts in the ADA and other federal civil rights laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of disability.

We collaborate with experts in architecture, web accessibility, information technology, housing, and other areas of the ADA, Section 504, and the Fair Housing Act.

Our goal is to help you to identify ways to enhance your services to people with disabilities and help you avoid lawsuits and federal investigations. We offer a comprehensive review of your ADA responsibilities, training, consultation services, and offer expert testimony in federal court, nationwide.

Contact us at mdubin@ADAexpertise.com to discuss our wide range of services and to see how we can be of help to you.

New Service: Training About the Rights of the Deaf Community Under the ADA:
Increasingly, and understandably, members of the deaf community are demanding that business owners and state and local governments communicate with them using the services of a sign language interpreter, when passing notes does not convey the information effectively. And, far too often, business owners and state and local governments are finding that they are not prepared to meet the need. They do not know when they are required to hire a sign language interpreter, or where to get one that complies with the requirements of the ADA. ADA Expertise Consulting, LLC wants to help.

We are offering ADA training on the effective communication requirements of the ADA. We can provide an hour long training, remotely, to any businesses or state and local governments interested in better serving the deaf community and reducing the risk of litigation.

We also want to work with sign language interpreter companies as well to help their clients understand their obligations under the ADA. Contact us for further information.

We can be reached at mdubin@ADAexpertise.com or at 305-896-3000. Visit our website at www.ADAexpertise.com.

Note to businesses in the Florida Keys:
I reside in the Keys, and will not assist plaintiffs bringing lawsuits in the Keys. I will assist Keys businesses in defense of ADA lawsuits, and will assist Keys businesses in efforts to come into voluntary compliance. All communications will be confidential. The first consultation is free of charge.

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Who We Are

ADA Expertise Consulting, LLC is comprised of nationally recognized experts, including former Justice Department attorneys.

We were founded to assist you in complying with the law and avoiding litigation and federal investigations, by providing you with the services you need to enhance compliance.

We provide legal guidance, expert testimony, website analysis, and architectural guidance. We are your one stop shop for ADA compliance, nationwide.

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Marc Dubin, Esq.
Founder and President
ADA Expertise Consulting, LLC

305-896-3000 mobile

Twitter: @ADAexpertise

Skype: Marc.Dubin

Why Use ADA Expertise Consulting, LLC?

In collaboration with other ADA experts, we provide a wide range of specialized consulting services to businesses, homeowner associations, and state and local governments

- Comprehensive trainings, workshops, and confidential assessments of your services to the disability community

- In-depth assessments of architectural plans, websites, policies, and customer outreach

- Self-Evaluation Plans and Transition Plans - development, assessment, and updates

- Service dogs vs emotional support animals - what do you need to know?

- Web accessibility assessments and enhancements - don't risk liability- let us help you. We know the federal standards, because our affiliated experts helped to develop them.

Concerned About Drive-By Lawsuits?

Overcoming Myths About the ADA and Serving Customers with Disabilities

Health Care Providers

Restaurants, Hotels, and Service Dogs

Assessing the Accessibility of Your Website

Comments About Our Work

Betty Siegel, Director of Accessibility, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington, D.C.:

“ I worked with Marc in resolving a complaint against a local arts organization concerning accessibility. I found Marc to be thoroughly professional, an expert on the ADA, and a fine example of what an attorney advocating for his client can accomplish.”

Visit http://www.kennedy-center.org/accessibility/education/lead/resources.html

Who Do We Serve?

Our team provides nationwide consulting services to:

Local, state, and federal agencies

Businesses, of any size

Colleges and Universities

Hotels, restaurants, and stadiums

Hospitals, public and private

Doctors, dentists, pharmacists, Urgent Care Centers

Nonprofit organizations

Performing arts centers and


Law enforcement agencies, including jails and prisons

Homeless shelter programs

Domestic violence programs and rape treatment centers

Building code officials, architects, and lawyers

Transportation providers

Housing providers, including homeowner associations

..,and many others.